busy witches

busy witches frontI mentioned in an earlier post that I’m not a bows and frills kind of gal.  Well, ribbon started off that way too.  All the Halloween embellishments quickly changed my mind and I stopped looking at them as frills and started to see texture and movement.  The creative spirit must have moved me with this card and I kinda fell under a spell from the witch.  I used ribbon to create an additional texture and placement of the witch to show movement.  Do you see how her gaze is rather hypnotic? In this process of embracing my creative side, I wanted to get away from judging my work and learn to just embrace it.  This card is an example of that.  In the past I would have scrapped this card, thinking it was too busy.  Now, I’m just going to go for it.  Again, those eyes just got the best of me and I felt like a crazy creative pin wheel out of control. I thought, let’s make this card all about breaking rules so I went with it. And even though I composed myself for the back,  I’m not scraping it, I’m sharing it with you.  Also, don’t scrap those scraps!  I save my scraps to create what I like to call banners or salutation tags.  For the “boo!” salutation tag I used scraps of paper that I had left over, added a decorative edge, brad and sticker to bring color and interest to the card.  Enjoy! and don’t forget to breathe create relax.  mj                                                                                                

         Keep the back simple for a handwritten message.







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