craft night

Usually Wednesday night is craft night.  This is the night that I get together with my good friend Jackie and her daughter Emalee to craft.  Now last night a few of us had things going on so we didn’t meet but it’s a night I look forward to every week.  Our evening starts at Jackie’s house where we begin our evening by having dinner together, sometimes it’s a quick pizza and other times it’s each of us bringing something to pass or contribute.  Then it’s off to the craft room. Jackie has this wonderfully large space in her basement that she has dedicated as her creative space and there is plenty of room for each of us to work.  The evening can consist of us working on individual projects, group projects or even trading talents and working on projects for each other.  This was the case a few weeks ago when Jackie helped me out with my Halloween costume, I’m not good with sewing, and I worked on a photo album for her Halloween Party.  The photo album featured in this blog was actually a collaboration between all three of us.  Where and who do you get together with to create?  Even if you can’t set aside a night each week, I encourage you to try to find even 30 minutes where you can take the time to do something you enjoy doing.  I would love to hear what you do when nurturing your creative side.  Leave a comment below and remember to breathe create relax.  mj 



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