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Hello Wednesday! As I mentioned in my last post, Halloween has been put away and creating cards for the upcoming holidays is on my agenda.  I’ll be honest, Halloween was a bit overwhelming.  I found many images and media to work with, but when I sat down it was almost too much, too hard to make decisions.  I decided to use the past weekend to put some thought into my next group of cards and I decided it was time to learn a new technique.  I want to have a vast array of techniques I can go to, but the only way I am going to be able to do that is if I learn from others.  I think by now you know I am a big Tim Holtz fan.  What can I say, I really like his style.  He has these wonderful books, A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol I, II, and III, that he describes as a source for referencing techniques.  Over the past few evenings I decided I would take a look through Vol I and pick a technique to try.  I don’t have all the products he mentions in the book, so I find the demos that feature the products that I have and start there.  Perfect Distress on page 38 has been my choice for this week.  I have heard Tim suggest that if you try a technique from one of the books, keep it for future use and make sure to write notes on the back, what you used, what you liked, what worked and didn’t work.  I first started of by using Ranger Surfaces Manila Craft Tags.  I have talked about using Strathmore Bristol Paper 300 series in the past, but I thought it important to keep as close to the products in the book as possible, different papers can have a different effect and outcome.  Pictured bellow is my first attempt and the tag that resulted. mj

Perfect Distress Technique

Perfect Distress Technique

This technique really got me inspired to play some more, so I sat down to begin a card.  First, I created a pattern with my trusty graph paper.  I want to work with some different shape cards, so I decided on two patterns. One is a little smaller than a 4 x 9 1/2 envelope, this will be my base.  The second pattern was a even smaller coming in at 3 x 8 1/2,  this second size was used as my design area, or the area in which I would use the Perfect Distress technique.  Once I had my pattern, I cut some Strathmore Bristol Paper.


Make A Pattern

Use graph paper to make a pattern, it’s a great way to plan the design of your project.


Play around with the layout of your stamps before you commit.  You may find inspiration for another idea.

Play around with the layout of your stamps before you commit. You may find inspiration for another idea.

My Distress Inks of choice were Tumbled Glass and Pine Needles. Tumbled Glass was applied to my Bristol with the Ranger Mini Blending Tool for a back ground and Pine Needles was used as the outline for the snowman.  Ranger Perfect Pearls in Blue Patina was used to accent the outline of the snowman and for further winter charm I used the Ranger BIG Emboss It Clear Embossing Ink Pad and Ranger Embossing Powder in Holographic to create iridescent snow detail to the snowman and snowflakes.  This is a work in progress and I have more ideas floating around in my head about this card.  Stay tuned for more details and lets see how this card evolves.

Snowman Shimmer

This is a work in progress. Love the shimmer.

products used

It doesn't take long for it to be messy again.

It doesn’t take long for it to be messy again.



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