what is creativity?

Well here it is Sunday night and it’s soon back to the regular work week.  I must apologize for not getting a blog post complete for Friday.  The end of last week turned into a bit of a time crunch and I found myself needing to prioritize some other events and tasks.  I did get a chance today to be creative, and I continued to work on my snowman card that I started the other night.  I am hoping to get that up for you tomorrow.  I really do find creativity helps nurture me.  When I find time slipping away and I haven’t had creative time, I feel incomplete.  I do look forward to it throughout the week.  But instead of dwelling on the things I couldn’t do, I need to be happy with the time I did make this weekend.

When I think of creativity so many things come to mind.  But this weekend I had a conversation with an individual who thought they weren’t creative or at least didn’t think they were.  I mentioned that sometimes being creative is not obvious.  Some creative skills just come naturally.  What or who do you find creative?  For example, not all people may consider chief’s to be creative.  Being a foodie I don’t know how you could think otherwise, but I want to hear from you.  Creativity can come in many forms.  What or who is/has a creative skill that not many would consider a creative talent? mj

Saw this the other day on Facebook and found tonight on Pinterest.


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