learning another great technique

Another new technique

Once again I’ve opened up A Compendium of Curiosities, Vol I, by Tim Holtz and found a new skill to learn.  As I browsed through the book I came back to a technique that has caught my eye several times, check out Blended Batik on page 36. My mom and I had played around with rubber stamps a long time ago but it was visiting this idea of Tim’s that made me realize how far rubber stamping has come.  Back then, embossing powders were used for embossing and not something you would think about removing.  This technique will really open up another area of versatility within your stamping skills.  You could easily choose a favorite stamp and use this technique to create a background and then use the same stamp to create a coordinating piece, or create a custom paper design.  Learning is another way to draw the mind away from the everyday stresses and allow it to focus on something new, something positive. A mind will only grow stronger by feeding it knowledge, and it may also help to feed the creative soul.  Ahhh! breathe create relax.  mj

products used

Love this look



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