what’s your holiday style?

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and for those of you who may not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have had a wonderful weekend as well.

I am back at it! After a baby shower and wedding card my creative space was in major need of some tidying up.  So once organized, I sat down to re-introduce myself to creating Christmas cards.  Today’s blog is the fruits of my labor. I feel like this card is a representation of what I love about the holiday season.  I am drawn to a mix of both vintage and modern when it comes to Christmas decor.  This card plays off of both styles.  The santa and use of the Tim Holtz Texture Fade in Holiday Knit add to the vintage inspiration, while the more modern fonts and polka dots give a simple and clean look.

ho ho ho!

While working on this card the top left corner was void of any design.  I am learning how to edit my work currently and really playing around with the use of space when designing.  I kept coming back to this corner, thinking that it needed something.  The idea that kept popping into my head was that I wanted the card to hang, and then it hit me.  I don’t know about you, but my cards usually start off nicely displayed but as soon as a light breeze goes by they tumble like dominoes.  That was when I decided I would make all my cards large tags that will fit easily inside an envelope, but give the receiver the option to hang on a tree.  This solution allowed me to fill that spot in the corner but also kept the simple design free from clutter.  I am going back and adding this detail to all my cards completed thus far.

How do you describe your holiday style?  I want to hear from you! And don’t forget during this busy holiday season to breathe create relax. mj

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