under construction

bring on the lumber

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!! I hope everyone is well rested after the whirlwind that was the holiday season? I am very excited to say that my husband and I started our very first home construction project.  We have now celebrated our second Christmas in our newly built home but we had a room in the basement that we left unfinished with the plans to eventually take on the task ourselves.  Neither one of us have much experience, but we do have a can do attitude and are not afraid to ask questions or for help if needed.

about a year ago this was all I needed

about a year ago this was all I needed

It was only a year ago that I was just starting to play with paper crafting and my first little work space was just fine. Ha! little did I know how quickly I would outgrow that space.  I took some advise from a good friend who told me “live in the space for awhile to see how you want to organize it before you commit”.  I’ve done just that.  I’ve added additional storage, changed things around and now I think I am ready to set up a permanent studio.  As we work through this project I am still thinking about the space and how I want to be able to utilize the space.  The one thing I have definitely realized is that it is nice to have a couple of different work spaces.  This way I can set up stations for certain tasks instead of having it pile up in one space.

before photo

before photo

construction begins

construction begins

I started the process yesterday when I cleaned out the room and  boxed up my crafting supplies.  I am not going to lie, it was really hard for me at first. I was completely overwhelmed.  I kept thinking back to this blog, how much I wanted to keep going with creating and sharing projects with you all.  But this is a project right?  So in the midst of moving things out I said to my husband “I’m just going to embrace this and not worry about creating cards, I’m going to share this experience on the blog”.

framing complete

framing complete

I hope you hang in there and tune in to see the progress.  I’m sure I’ll have a few side projects to share since this is something we only can work on during the weekend.  Like any major undertaking, I’ll need to make sure to tell myself breathe create relax.  mj


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