so hard to wait

Flooring of choice

Flooring of choice

Sorry everyone for being gone so long.  My husband and I are still working on my creative space.  It is a project that mainly is reserved for the weekends. With the exception of the electrical work, we are doing everything ourselves.  Thankfully, my husband has done drywall before and that has helped.  It is a learning project and I am sure there will be things that we know are imperfect but I feel there is an amount of pride that comes from doing it together.  I will be the person who spends the most time in the room and with the excitement of having it finished, I know it will be my special place.

Cutting Dry Wall

Cutting Dry Wall

To date we have drywall done and need to sand and mud yet again.  I’ve picked out a lovely neutral beige color from Behr Paint called Wheat Bread.  I was thinking about a little more color but wanted to keep the walls as light as possible without going white.  It is a room in the basement without windows and along with the lighting, I wanted to create as much light as possible.  I will pull in some color with the small decor details.

Currently I have three work areas that I am designing layouts for.  One space is strictly for working.  I’ve placed that area close to all other areas where supplies will be kept.  The second space is for blogging and computer work.  This area will be free of art supplies so as not to have an accidents with sprays, water and such.  Finally, the third area is where my Cricut and Vagabond will find a home.  I want to make sure I have space to use them and have all the accessories close at hand.  There has already been one trip to Ikea to get some pieces to add to what I have currently.

Hanging dry wall

Hanging dry wall

I can’t wait to share the results.  It is really hard to wait for the finished product, but I know it will be worth it.

What have you done to create a space especially for you?  Did you find some unique goodies that helped to organize your space?  Anything I should know or helpful hints?  I would love to hear from you.

First round of mud

First round of mud

Coming soon, my first shaker card! Tune in to see my kitchen island turn into a temporary workspace and how even with no true place to work, I still found time to breathe create relax.

thank you to all who follow mj


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