creative space now complete!

Creative Space Main Picture


I have missed you all so much!!!! I am pleased to say that my new creative space is finally done.  It has been a learning process and a great winter project to see us through to some warmer temps.  Many may ask… “would you do it again?”  I’ll be honest. No, not really.  It’s wonderful to have such a beautiful place to create, but I’ve got some clean up to do.  That has been the hardest part for me.  The mess.  Drywall dust, cleaning paint brushes and vacuuming up sawdust. But spring cleaning is always a must for me, so what’s a little extra.  The other part of this project that was hard was being away from creativity.  Now I did manage to do some cards while spread out at my kitchen island, but there is nothing more satisfying than your place.  That special place where all your stuff is at, not to mention, a door that closes so you can leave your mess behind.  But here’s to the new space, a  place that I plan on spending more time in and I place that I hope will see many exciting posts, projects and future endeavors.  A place to breathe create relax.

PaintPainting this space was very simple.  I love to paint on paper or canvas, but painting a room is another chore all together.  For this project I did actually enjoy it.  The best part was that I didn’t have to lay down drop clothes or worry about trim.  It was just an easy application.

After painting was complete, we started on the ceiling and electrical.  We keptElectrical 1 things simple with a drop ceiling that we installed ourselves.  At one point I felt like I was on Survivor competing for immunity, I was standing on a ladder holding the frame up above my head for what seemed like forever, while my husband made some adjustments.  Once we got the frame up it was really easy to place the tiles.  Planning for electrical was also going on at this time and we had to keep allowances for that in our mind.  I actually used my creativity to help out my husband.  The hot air return needed to be marked on the tile so that we could cut out the size we needed for the register.  I used some ink to stamp the outline of the duct work onto the tile so my husband knew exactly what size to cut it.  Making stencils helped out with the lights too.  Now I can’t believe how much of a change the lighting has made.  I wanted bright and cheery, that’s what it is.Lighting

DoorOne of the other obstacles that we had to tackle was the storage under the stairs.  We didn’t want to lose this space, but I also didn’t want it to be seen.  On the other side of that storage space is my husbands work area, but it also houses our furnace and other electrical fixtures.  It is too crowded to use as an entry to the space so we knew we had to be able to get to it from my craft space.  At first I had the thought of using a curtain, very much like a window treatment.  But, I had come across these great pins on Pinterest with barn doors.  We had some beautiful Cherry left over from my father in law and my husband built me this wonderful rustic door.

Next came flooring.  I loved it! It was fun to do and easy at that.  I Flooring 2enjoyed watching the room become more of a room.  It is amazing how flooring and trim can really finish a space.  We had a late Friday and Saturday night laying the floor, but it was happy feet that walked across the finished results.

Happy Feet

Trim Going DownThe final details of door fixtures and paint touch up was all that stood in the way of the space coming together.  I did have to sit down and figure out my space after the trim was complete.  I was very thankful that I decided to wait until the room was finished before I committed to pieces for my organizational needs.  My original idea needed to be scrapped and I went back to the drawing board.  Once I had my ideas laid out, with measuring tape in hand and the Ikea Ap on my phone, we headed off to Ikea for my favorite part, the goodies to organize the space.







Before 2

After 2

A place to blog and work on photography

Additional workspace

Additional workspace

Another great view

Another great view

I love it!

I love it!

I love this space.  For two people who have never really done anything like this before, I think it turned out better than I had hoped.  I now have this wonderful creative space and I am happy to share it with you.  –mj


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