this crazy month of May

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!! I hope this weekend finds you enjoying family and friends.  For me this weekend starts out the summer.  We have been fortunate this month to have some very nice weekends that have allowed for yard work and tasks outside.  Some of that has pulled me away from crafting, but not enough to have some posts to share with you.

Before we start with the obvious, Mother’s Day, I want to share a learning experience I had.  Every May the Great Lakes Mega Meet comes here to Michigan.  This was my second year going and was even better than last year.  When I went last year I really was just starting to get into making handmade cards.  I was not yet familiar with what the crafting world had to offer.  I roamed the convention area a bit overwhelmed.  I had no idea what half of the vendors were selling and demonstrating.  I settled in and watched Tim Holtz demonstrate various products and techniques, and even brought home a nice stash of goodies to play with.

Fast forward to this year.  Holy Smokes!!!!! I can’t believe how much I have been exposed to this past year.  Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed last year, it was very inspiring, but this year was even better.  This year I had some items on my list that I was hoping to pick up and a better knowledge of what was out there.  I make this a special day.  The event runs from Thursday to Saturday, so I take Friday off from work, head out early with a quick stop for my favorite breakfast sandwich and away I go.  There is something special about going to an event like this by yourself.  You get to see and do what ever you want.  My creative juices start to flow, I think about upcoming projects that I have in mind and I get to open myself up to learning.  I find that I am like a sponge, absorbing all the sights around me.  The colors, textures and other crafters inspire me.

This year I didn’t find it as overwhelming.  I know have a better understanding of how I like to work and I found products and techniques that would help take my creativity to a new level.  There was one thing that didn’t change from last year and that was the Stamper’s Anonymous booth featuring Tim Holtz.  If you have never had the opportunity to watch him create, you need to.  What an amazing teacher and artist.  So very inspiring.

the always inspiring Tim Holtz

the always inspiring Tim Holtz

Not only do we need to take time to breathe create relax but also to learn.  For me a day spent observing creativity helps me to reboot my mind.  Since crafting is relatively new to me, I find myself wanting to create a specific look but not knowing exactly what to use.  Watching a demonstration about a technique or product helps me to understand the how’s and why’s.  Learning on your own terms is very rewarding.  You can observe and not be embarrassed by what you don’t know. You have time to process what you see and adapt it to your own style.

If you haven’t taken a class or gone to a craft convention on your own, do so.  I guarantee you’ll learn something new about your self, either personally or creatively.  Oh! and you’re bound to come home with a bunch of new goodies. Maybe, you’ll even make some new friends.

a great day had by all

a great day had by all

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4 thoughts on “this crazy month of May

  1. We have one big event in Brisbane which is totally dedicated to Papercrafting once a year and I agree, to go alone you experience so much more. Although I have met a couple of my blogging friends there and it was amazing to be able to talk to another person and they actually ‘understand’ what you are saying lol. I haven’t been for the last 2 years because to be honest my stash is now more than I can handle and we don’t tend to get the stamp companies and goodies that are already available in the US and I’ve become very specific about what I buy now. I did get to watch Tim Holtz in action once and he is a genius! I can’t wait to see what you create with your new goodies, hope you find some crafty time real soon.

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    • Thank you so much lostinpaper. It is nice when someone actually ‘understands’ your excitement. I am looking forward to going to more events like this in the future and it would be nice to meet up with other bloggers. I completely agree about the stash. I find I am being more specific about what I buy too. I look forward to seeing your creations and thanks for the comment. 😊


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