breathe create relax

Like many, I have been struggling for some years now with stress and anxiety.  Early in my life, I was drawn and more at ease with “creative” jobs.  I found myself constantly gravitating to those attributes when searching for my way along the career road.  I ended up spending over ten years as a makeup artist in a local salon and as a traveling educator for Aveda Corporation.  It was a wonderful, growing experience, but there was this side of me that was incredibly insecure about my chosen profession.  When I told people what I did, I would usually hear “Oh how fun!” Due to my lack of self esteem, I equated that response to “you must not be that smart” or “didn’t know what else to do?”  I was so insecure that I set out to make a change  and do something completely different.  After some thought and discussion with my husband, I went back to school.  I studied hard, was on the Presidents List repeatedly and ultimately ended up where I am now, a medical biller for a local medical group.  What does this have to do with breathe, create, relax? Now I am learning to embrace and love my creative side. I am learning that there are many characteristics that make up who I am, and even though I am a practical, detail oriented individual, I truly am a creative at heart.  Details, organization and perfectionism stress me out, but makes me good at what I do from 8-5.  It’s time to take control of the stress and anxiety.  It’s time to take care of me.  I have discovered that to do this I need to embrace and nurture my creative side.

It’s time to breathe create relax.

It’s time to use creativity to calm mind and body.

Please come along,




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