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Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry to have abandoned the blog.  Actually, I am more ashamed. It was never my intention to let so much time go by without a post.  Life just kinda came in and demanded my attention.  Nothing out of the norm, just the usual day-to-day activities, but it left me without much time to blog.  Also, I think I was in a bit of a creative rut.  I was still spending time being creative, I have accepted that I always need to make time for that, but I found myself struggling for ideas. Then again, maybe it was too many ideas that was the problem and I didn’t know what to work on.

I was very fortunate early this fall to take a class with the lovely Dyan Reaveley.  It was a full day hands on art journaling class hosted by Scrappy Chic.  Up until this class I had never had my hands on any of her wonderful paints, sprays and stencils, but minutes into this class I was hooked.  For someone who has always colored within the lines, spent more energy trying NOT to make a mess and has had to teach themselves how to let go of control, this was just the outlet I needed.

Class Photo

lovely lady, lovely class

Art Journal 4

take a peak at my large Dylusions Creative Journal

Of course the class expanded on the want for more products, products that have since been added to wish lists, but it was more than that.  It was a new way of looking at what inspires me and where my interests lie.  We received the Dylusions small creative journal as part of our class tuition and even though we used it throughout the class, I still came home with pages left for experimenting.  I have now added this journal to my creative process.  It sits in my Ikea Raskog utility cart and when I have extra paints or stains left over on stamps, stencils, baby wipes, etc, it is the perfect spot to deposit those colors.  It’s really an ingenious way of multitasking.  By cleaning off your colors onto the journal pages you are creating backgrounds for future journaling pages.  It’s simple really, but something that helped to make Art Journal 3journalling easier and more effortless.  I have also picked up the large Dylusions creative journal and have started to play with paints, sprays, stains and stencils.  One day I may just create backgrounds, another day I doodle.  Dyan stated in class that this is how she works and it just made sense to me.  I had always seen beautiful examples of journaling but really didn’t know where to start.  My mind saw one page from start to finish instead of moments of creativity spread over time.  I really am enjoying this new aspect of my creativity.
Art Journal 1

The other thing I picked up from the class was getting back to drawing.  I have never been one to be able to sit and sketch life-like drawings, but I do enjoy simple line sketches.  I fell in love with Dyan’s Dylusions Stamps.  They evoke a feeling of happiness and make me smile.  With her quirky doodles and funky characters, I was inspired to begin to draw again.  Because I enjoy simple sketches, I was then lead to Manga.  Manga is Japanese for comics and cartooning.  Unfortunately, this also lead to the discovery of Copic Markers.  Can you see how my wish lists exploded after just one class?

Manga Eyes

I haven’t given up on card making, in fact my next project is to begin Christmas cards.  I just have been excited to try some new ideas and push myself to discover new things.  With the holiday season upon us, don’t forget to breathe create relax. mj